Use G&S Abseiling for Brisbane Commercial Window Cleaning

Brisbane commercial window cleaning can be a complex business.

While window cleaning seems like it should be a simple matter, it becomes anything but that when you need to clean the exterior windows on a skyscraper or high-rise building. Usually, this process involves rope access or elevated platform work, which in turn, requires technicians who are qualified to work at heights.

The Importance of Brisbane Commercial Window Cleaning

Despite the challenge, external window cleaning in Brisbane is essential. Here are a few of the reasons that investing in an abseiling team to handle your window cleaning is a worthwhile investment:

  • It helps you make a good impression: Your building is the face of your business. It’s the first thing that visitors see when they stop by, whether they’re coming to your building to shop or for a business meeting. As such, it’s important to make sure that your building reflects positively on your brand. Keeping your windows clean of dirt, grime, bird droppings, cobwebs, and other debris will help ensure that the first impression is a good one.
  • It helps with natural light: Having natural light in your building improves employee morale and helps cut down on both electricity costs and heating expenses. Dirty windows can impede the flow of natural light, impacting the mood inside your building. Cleaning the windows regularly helps avoid this issue.
  • It protects your building: Is your building built of concrete? If so, then regular commercial window cleaning in Brisbane isn’t just a cosmetic concern, but also a financial one. Over time, different minerals in concrete start to leach out and streak down the walls and windows. These mineral deposits can damage your windows to the point where they need replacing. Regular window cleaning helps remove these mineral deposits before they set in and damage the glass.

The Benefits of G&S Abseiling

At G&S Abseiling, we are proud to offer both internal and external window cleaning in Brisbane. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring our team to handle your window washing project:

  • Our qualifications: Our teams are qualified to reach and clean even difficult-to-access locations for external window cleaning. Using a mix of rope access, scissor lifts, boom lifts and building maintenance units (BMUs) we can get to work cleaning every window on your building.
  • Our willingness to handle internal cleans: Rather than hire one Brisbane internal window cleaning team and one external window cleaning team, call G&S Abseiling. We are happy to do both at the same time, to give you the cleanest and clearest windows you’ve seen in years.
  • Our other capabilities: Beyond window cleaning, we can provide a variety of services that might be valuable to your business. For instance, we can provide full building washdowns and pressure cleaning. Most window cleaning companies focus specifically on windows. However, since the other parts of your building are just as likely to get dirty with oil, grime, bird droppings and other debris, we are there to clean those walls and facades too.

Why Trust G&S Abseiling Regarding Commercial Window Cleaning in Brisbane

At G&S Abseiling, we have qualifications from both the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and the Australian Rope Access Association (ARAA). If you have a Brisbane commercial window cleaning project that demands rope access, you can trust us with the job. Contact our team today to get started.