Leading Commercial Industrial Painting Services

Why You Should Choose Our Commercial Industrial Painting Services

If your structure’s exterior is starting to look a little worse for wear, now might be the time to invest in our commercial and industrial painting services. We’ll ensure your building appears appealing to customers and requires minimal maintenance to remain pristine for years to come. Learn more about our services by reading below.

What You Can Expect from G&S Abseiling Regarding Commercial Industrial Painting Services in Brisbane

Just some reasons why so many customers choose us for any task that requires abseiling, be it repainting, building or restoring glass windows at height, include:

  • Competitive prices: We’re one of the only companies in Brisbane that uses the Actsafe winch system, which often eliminates the need to use cranes and heavy machinery to paint tall buildings. This rigging system allows us to offer some of the most cost-effective painting services to businesses in the area.
  • Lasting results: We know you don’t want to repaint your building every one or two years because you have a bottom line to protect, which is why we only use high-grade materials that put up stiff resistance to the elements, corrosion and stains. Choose us to paint your property’s exterior, and you can feel confident the colour will remain intact for years, minimising your maintenance costs and requirements in the process.
  • One point of contact for all working at height needs: Because we have the QBCC license, commercial painting is just one task we’re qualified to perform. We can also waterproof your building, install or replace concrete, maintain height safety systems, restore glass and much more. Call us if you want a full breakdown of our services, all of which come highly recommended.

Tips Regarding Commercial Industrial Painting Services in Gold Coast

Keep these pointers in mind when you decide to repaint your commercial or industrial property. If in doubt, contact us for advice.

  • Consider the scope of your project: You don’t want your business operations disrupted while our professionals paint your building, so you need to think about when you’d like us to carry out our work. As a flexible abseiling and commercial painting company, we can stick to your schedule and operate during non-business hours if required, and we guarantee to meet deadlines and remain in line with your budget.
  • Choose your colours carefully: You need to think about which colours will make your building stand out to attract as many new clients or customers as possible. Colour choice could make the difference between a dazzling masterpiece and a dull property. Thanks to our wealth of experience, we’re in the perfect position to offer recommendations regarding which colours will work best with your structure and aims.
  • Prioritise safety: If you’re repainting a tall building, safety must be your top concern. Don’t attempt to paint hard-to-reach places without the required training, and don’t hang out of windows on high floors with rollers trying to save money. Accidents are the last thing you want to be responsible for, which is why it’s better to trust our qualified professionals to brighten up your property.

Why Customer Should Use G&S Abseiling

We established our company in 2015 after having worked in the industry for decades. We always prioritise safety, employ qualified professionals, use state-of-the-art equipment and cover our work with excellent warranties. Learn more about our services and commercial painting by calling our professionals.