Commercial Painting Contractors

Hire Commercial Painting Contractors Who Make You Look Your Best

Even with a robust digital presence, your physical plant’s appearance is so important to clients that you should consider commercial painting contractors to help you look your best. G&S Abseiling is well-trained and motivated to help companies with the toughest jobs in the tallest buildings. Whether in a skyscraper in the city centre or a one-storey building on a suburban road, we can revitalise your exterior.

Tips Regarding Commercial Painting Contractors in Gold Coast and Brisbane

When considering commercial painting, use the following pointers to help you save money without sacrificing quality.

  • Seek a contractor who has all the resources they need in-house to minimise delays and reduce cost overages. G&S Abseiling handles everything directly, so you’re working with the same people from start to finish.
  • If your business is in a high-rise building, find a contractor with significant experience working under those conditions. There’s nothing that can replace the training, familiarity, and tools of the trade that we have to handle any commercial painting job.
  • You should have your exterior paint redone every 10-15 years. After that time, the weather resistance and vibrancy of the colours fade, and your building begins to suffer water damage to the plaster.

What Sets G&S Abseiling Apart Regarding Commercial Painting Contractors in Brisbane and Gold Coast

We’re proud of the distinctions that set us apart from other commercial painters in the area.

  • We are intimately familiar with abseiling to conduct exterior work on commercial structures and are proud to be the industry leaders in rope access services. Our team uses the Actsafe winch system to eliminate risks and reduce liability.
  • We are QBCC licensed to work not only with painting, but also construction, concreting, and water-proofing.
  • While handling your exterior painting needs, we can also help you with window cleaning. Our team is trained for both interior and exterior cleaning, so your building will look as good as new when we’re finished with the job.

The services we provide are extensive, and when you hire us as your contractors, you have the confidence that we are fully-licensed and take every safety precaution. This licensing removes liability and accidents from consideration and ensures your project is completed on schedule.

What You Stand to Lose If You Don’t Use G&S Abseiling

If you pass on the opportunity to simplify your commercial painting needs with G&S Abseiling, you ultimately increase the effort and strain you’ll need to endure to get the work completed. Let us handle the work for you, so you don’t have to wrangle multiple contractors to revitalise your building’s facade.

Your business is materially improved when you invest in repairs and maintenance for exterior concrete, painting, window cleaning, and building wash-downs. For many clients, your building will inform their first impression of your service and corporate culture. Further, they subconsciously notice when things are not in order, and the impression will carry over to how they perceive your services. Contact us to get a quote and learn more about how we can help your business look its best.