External Window Cleaning

See and Be Seen Clearly with Quality External Window Cleaning

Windows are an excellent symbol for your business in several ways, so when they get dirty, it’s important to hire a contractor to handle your external window cleaning. The benefits of having clean windows are more than aesthetic, as there is a material impact on your business’s reputation and overall employee morale. When searching for a quality contractor, there are many reasons to choose G&S Abseiling to handle your window cleaning.

What Sets G&S Abseiling Apart Regarding External and Internal Window Cleaning

We’re the industry leaders in rope access services, which give us several advantages relative to other window cleaners:

  • We can handle exterior facade painting and building washing. Minimise your expenditures by packaging these services together. By relying on G&S Abseiling, you eliminate the hassle of organising several contractors and instead work with one contact point for the entirety of the process.
  • We use the Actsafe winch system, an innovative approach for safe abseiling. Our team members are as safe as possible during all exterior window cleaning projects, which means they’ll be just as comfortable cleaning the outside of the windows as they are the inside.
  • Our abseiling methods remove the need for heavy equipment such as cranes. This lack of machinery reduces the effective footprint and disruption of the window cleaning project, so your employees will be undisturbed while we revitalise your building’s exterior.

Our methods simplify any window cleaning job you need. Without sacrificing any results, we make the process easy and eliminate disruptions for your staff and clients.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Commercial Window Cleaning

There are a few errors that can trouble you while searching for window cleaners:

  • Difficult access points can deter less-experienced cleaners or result in added costs if they are not familiar with the best rope systems.
  • Splitting your projects between a variety of contractors can cause scheduling conflicts and delays.
  • Exterior maintenance should not be done on an “as needed” basis, as your clients will always approach with fresh eyes and may see issues to which your staff has acclimated.

Regularity in scheduling along with a reliable, flexible window cleaning contractor can maximise the results from your exterior building maintenance.

About G&S Abseiling

We were founded in 2015 with a clear vision to provide quality building maintenance and repair services for clients with high-rise properties with which to contend. Our team is thorough, fully licensed, and fully insured to handle commercial building maintenance from window cleaning and exterior washing to painting and concrete repair.

The driving force behind our quality work is a dedication to professional work ethics, high standards, and rigorous compliance with safety standards. We take our work seriously and invest to continually improve our methods, leading us to remain at the top of the industry for commercial property maintenance that involves abseiling. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business put its best face forward to the world.