G&S Abseiling Delivers High-quality Gold Coast Commercial Window Cleaning.

Not every window cleaning assignment is simple. At G&S Abseiling Pty Ltd, we’ve encountered many commercial clients who faced frustrations after acquiring an impressive building and discovering that the windows seemed inaccessible for cleaning. Thanks to our techniques and resourcefulness, we consider no task too high, too extensive, or too delicate when it comes to commercial window cleaning.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Gold Coast External Window Cleaning

Many elements influence your company’s image. Your windows are one such element: if they are dirty, they leave a negative impression on clients and employees and obstruct the view. You want them to shine —here are a few ways to make it happen.

  • We are an affordable solution for routine commercial window cleaning. Save time and hassle by booking our services in advance for regular intervals. Three to six times per year will do for most windows, but ask about our monthly and annual options, too.
  • In certain periods of the year, the sun will shine straight on your windows. This sun exposure makes blemishes more visible. During these seasonal peaks, you will want to call on our services more often.
  • Prolong the longevity of your windows and windowsills by maintaining them well in between cleanings.
  • Your windows are part of your workplace. We take care of keeping them impeccably clean so that a maximum amount of daylight may enter. Add to this a bright and pleasant interior architecture, and your staff will love working there.
  • Combine our Gold Coast external window cleaning with a building wash-down to add elegance to the structure of the building.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Gold Coast Internal Window Cleaning

Internal window cleaning is never as easy as it looks. Avoid some common mistakes to ensure streak-free windows at a fair price.

  • When in doubt, call in the professionals. While small companies on a budget tend to want to do everything themselves, unless you’re experienced at cleaning windows and have all the necessary equipment and products, the task is both time-consuming and potentially dangerous. Don’t devote your time to half a day’s worth of cleaning when you can channel your energy into the skills in which you excel instead.
  • Don’t ignore safety risks. If a window is too high for a ladder, then accept it. The risk of a cleaner over-stretching and losing his or her balance is a significant one. G&S Abseiling is one of the few companies in the country using the Actsafe winch system for greater safety.
  • Have your windows cleaned on both sides. Dirt and dust can accumulate on both the interior and exterior of the glass.
  • Don’t wait for a sunny day to call us. While we are fast workers, the hot sun will dry the windows quickly, even on the inside. Moderate days when the temperature is cooler are best.

Trust G&S Abseiling Pty Ltd regarding Gold Coast commercial window cleaning. We have accumulated substantial industry experience to better serve businesses just like yours. Count on us as industry leaders in providing rope access services and to offer safe, reliable, and innovative solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact us, no matter how high or unreachable your windows may seem. We’re up to the challenge.