Gold Coast Signs Removal & Installation Is A Challenge At Heights

Does your Gold Coast building require signs removal & installation?

G&S Abseiling’s methods are innovative and meet all required safety regulations of the Queensland building industry regulator. We have been servicing customers on the Gold Coast for more than a decade, and our costing structure enables us to offer safe, outstanding services at affordable prices.

The Importance of Gold Coast Sign Installations

The primary purpose of signage is to convey information. Safety signs inform one of the safety-related areas as well as permitted and non-permitted actions. Property signs can indicate property number, owner or purpose. Business or commercial signs are designed to inform the public of products and services on offer by a specific company. G&S Abseiling adds value to the installation of signs and works out of Pacific Pines where we excel in the rope access trade.

  • Access methods: Our access methods include abseiling, elevated platforms and building maintenance units. This variety enables us to install signs at various heights and in difficult to access places.
  • Innovative: We are innovative in our installations approach to ensure we install signs securely, allowing maximum exposure and effect for our customers.
  • Certification: We have been certified by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade) and by the ARAA (Australian Rope Access Association). This certification enables us to apply industry best practices which result in our staff consistently being safe throughout the procedure.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Gold Coast Sign Removal

Signage cannot be erected and left indefinitely. At some point, it must be removed due to wear and tear or expiry of the advertisement contract. As signs deteriorate, it reflects poorly on the company as well. G&S Abseiling performs sign removal with a mindful approach to buildings, structures and the artwork we remove.

  • Tight spots: We have extensive experience in taking signage down from tight spots and rely on our access methods to make us more agile.
  • No crane required: Unlike many other companies, we can remove most signage, regardless of size and weight without the use of cranes. The unique winch system we use sets us apart.
  • Rigging & lifting: Because we use rope access and trade skills, our speciality rigging meets complicated challenges head-on.

Why Should You Make Use of G&S Abseiling?

Getting the job done in hard to reach places and at uncomfortable heights is what we excel at – we have been doing this since 2015 and continuously improve our methods. Getting in and out of tight spots is our forte.

Being situated in QLD is merely a geographical fact and does not hamper us in servicing customers across Australia. As we are not crane dependant, we can travel light and quick to customer sites.

We deliver all our work OTIF (On Time in Full) and are the industry leaders in rope access services such as rigging and lifting. Providing high quality services and being reliable is our passion and we continuously improve as we strive to raise the bar on service excellence.

We love reaching new heights, wherever your signage may be, give us a call to remove it effortlessly and efficiently.