Height Safety Systems

Put Safety First with Licensed Height Safety Systems

G&S Abseiling knows how to work with heights, and our experience with height safety systems can help you ensure your business adheres to code regulations. Your employees and contractors depend on adequate safety systems, so rely on fully licensed and insured abseiling contractors to assist you.

Tips Regarding Brisbane Height Safety Systems

There are several components to adopting a comprehensive safety system for your business.

  • Employ a mixture of walkways, ladders, and abseil systems. Different conditions call for varying solutions, so don’t try to install only one kind of height safety system for your roof and walls.
  • Safety regulations and codes exist for a reason, so use systems that meet the Australian Standards requirements and the WH&S Act of 2011. We further employ comprehensive testing and certification services to provide the confidence that your system is as safe as you need it to be.
  • Add redundancy with fall arrest and restraint systems. It’s always best to take every step possible to ensure safety, so make provision for the possibility that an accident can occur due to distraction.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Height Safety Systems in Brisbane

It’s possible to make errors regarding these systems, but since lives may depend on diligence here, remain alert to these guidelines:

  • Don’t assume that your construction contractor or other contractors will have the knowledge and resources to install safety systems for your building’s height adequately. They may not be licensed to do so, and in that case, you’ll face a surprise delay when you require exterior work on your building.
  • Roof safety includes more than walkways and ladders. Consider anchor point installation to ensure your building adheres to all codes, and your system has the extra support to avoid accidents.
  • Your safety system contractor doesn’t have to be confined to that one activity. G&S Abseiling provides many useful services that allow you to have exterior repairs, painting, washing, and construction cleaning handled with a single point of contact.

A capable contractor with all the necessary licensing and insurance can be a great boon to your business by resolving all your maintenance and safety concerns.

What You Stand to Lose If You Don’t Use G&S Abseiling

We believe that our clients should receive high quality service in a way that simplifies their work. When you work with us, we’ll conduct safety inspections to provide comprehensive and efficient recommendations for how best to ensure you remain in code and protect all your personnel. We can then continue with you to provide a broad spectrum of building maintenance projects to improve your facade and produce an impressive appearance to clients and passers-by.

Safety is one thing you can’t afford to cut corners on, so we take the job of installing safety systems seriously. Nevertheless, through innovation and a reliable approach, we will minimise the strain on your budget to provide efficient solutions for otherwise intractable problems. Contact us to schedule an inspection and determine how we can best assist you.