G&S Abseiling are High Rise Painting Contractors on The Gold Coast

Why consider professional high rise painting contractors?

Much of our work is performed using rope access, and this erroneously leads to people referring to us as an abseiling company. This categorising is misleading as we also offer wind turbine installation and maintenance services. We are innovative in our approach and are passionate about executing all projects safely and efficiently.

Related Services We Provide to High Rise Painting Contractors in Brisbane

G&S Abseiling is proficient in painting high rises and hard to reach parts of buildings. Our selected equipment enables us to reach those challenging spots easily.

  • Rope access: We are certified by the regulating authorities in rope access and construction. Consequently, we bring a level of expertise and safety to every contract we fulfil.
  • Agility: Due to our rope access skills and our choice of equipment, we are very agile in small contained spaces, even if they are high up on a skyscraper.
  • Working knowledge: Our more than ten years of exposure in this field has afforded us the opportunity of becoming a trusted high rise painting contractor with a proud reputation.

What Sets G&S Abseiling Apart Regarding High Rise Painting Contractors on the Gold Coast?

There are many companies our customers could choose from to paint the facade of their buildings. We, however, are the go-to contractors of choice on the Gold Coast.

  • Trained staff: All our staff comply with and are certified by various regulating authorities in this field. Thus, they bring the best practice methods to every contract they tackle.
  • Skilful execution: We may be great at abseiling, but we are as exceptional in the execution of the scope of the contracts we work on. This scope ensures that the applied products in the painting process will add value to and protect the outer layer of your building. This, in turn, will increase the longevity of the building.
  • Long-term solutions: We consult with our customers to ensure we deliver the required result to a highly durable standard of finish.

There are many painting contractors, efficient and cost-efficient ones, perhaps not. Add our agility to the mix, and it stands to reason that G&S Abseiling should be your first choice as a contracting firm. We can go where few can go with so little equipment.

Why G&S Abseiling is Cost Effective as High Rise Painting Contractors in Brisbane?

Our unique rope access approach, which includes using a specific winch system, is cost-effective as we need not account for crane and scaffolding hire in our quotations. Additionally, not having to hire equipment allows for minimum delay, if any, in getting a project underway. We also minimise the cost of transportation of machinery, as we do not need to cater for large volume weights when transporting our equipment. Nor do we need specialised permits to carry cranes to the various sites where we work.

Contact us to re-dress your building in Brisbane or surrounds; it is what we do; efficiently, affordably and safely.