G&S Abseiling takes Care of Rigging & Lifting Projects

No matter how big or small your rigging & lifting project is, we can help.

At G&S Abseiling Pty Ltd, we provide solutions for placing, moving, and installing objects of any type, height, width, and weight. We can plan and execute lifting tasks or will be happy to supply technical advice.

The Importance of Brisbane Rigging & Lifting

As soon as you begin working with heavy construction, a good rigger can make a tremendous difference. The last thing you want to do is handle lifting and moving tasks clumsily, endangering workers or civilians. A few considerations:

  • Safety should always be your priority when you are moving heavy items in the industrial sector or delicate objects in the chemical industry. Moving objects of unusual sizes requires solid preparation and planning. Prior inspection is vital.
  • Wind and weather may influence these efforts. Sometimes a charge requires careful packaging and protection. If handled incorrectly, you may damage the charge, or it may cause damage itself. Leave any rigging and hauling tasks to certified workers who know the elements which play a part in the heavy equipment industry.
  • Looking further than the obvious is one of our specialities. While you may concentrate on the item to be lifted and rigged, we also think of any machines that might be in operation nearby and people who work in the environment. We evaluate the rigging task thoroughly and draw up a clear schedule to execute the task properly and safely.

What Sets G&S Abseiling Pty Ltd Apart Regarding Rigging & Lifting in Brisbane?

The mountaineer term “abseiling” indicates a controlled descent off of a vertical top. Hoists, cranes, forklifts, jackscrews, poles, and many other pieces of equipment are practical solutions for lifting and rigging. However:

  • Abseiling offers excellent flexibility, which allows G&S Abseiling Pty Ltd to provide a solution to unusual lifting assignments. For us, no task is too big, small, or complicated.
  • Not only are our equipment and systems versatile, but we also revel in thinking out of the box. Our clients are impressed by our ingenuity.
  • Compared to scaffolds, gantries, windlasses and cranes, we hardly take up any space. Our adaptability to confined spaces may be exactly what you need.
  • We always stay up-to-date with the latest developments in our trade, investing in new materials and systems which offer added value, greater safety, or an even more affordable price.

Consider G&S Abseiling Pty Ltd your partner for tailored services. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better company for rigging and lifting. Do you need services that go above and beyond rigging and lifting? We are QBCC licenced in construction, painting, concreting, and water-proofing. Another plus: we are one of the few companies using the Actsafe winch system.

Contact us to find out more about our adherence to safety rules, flexibility, innovative approach, and reliability. You can feel confident calling in our help if any standard solution you’re considering seems unable to do the work you have in mind, from rigging and lifting needs to commercial cleaning.