Sign Installation

Professional Sign Installation Service Reaches New Heights

For sign installation on tall buildings, using professionals with a rigging system which eliminates the need for renting large cranes saves you time and money. G&S Abseiling has the skills and innovative thinking to install your sign quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are highly experienced in the art of abseiling and use their talents to offer solutions for efficient installations and removals of signs at any height. Safety always comes first to eliminate injuries and damage to your building.

Related Services We Provide for Brisbane Sign Installation

We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and continuing training to ensure every installation and sign removal goes smoothly. Our unique rigging system allows us to lift large signs into place without the use of cranes.

  • We provide innovative solutions for hard to reach places and we perform in an efficient manner so the job is completed quickly and to your specifications.
  • After installing your sign, we offer window cleaning services to ensure your new sign stands out for maximum impact.
  • While we’re hanging off the side of your building, we can repair any damage to concrete exteriors that could use a little sprucing up so your new sign has a clean backdrop from which to shine.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Sign Installation in Brisbane

You’ve decided on the design for the sign that will draw attention to your business but getting that design onto the building is more of a challenge and requires some due diligence.

  • There may be permits that are required before you can begin installation of your sign. Be sure to check with your local municipality before scheduling installation.
  • If installation will occur where pedestrians are present, proper safety measures must be taken to ensure falling objects harm no one.
  • Installers will need full access to your building, including the roof. It is important to have someone available at all times to assist the installers with any access they require to keep installation on schedule.

In the excitement of getting your sign on the building you may forget a few things that could result in fines, bodily injury and delays. Consulting with a professional installer will ensure nothing is left to chance.

About G&S Abseiling

We are the industry leaders in providing rope access to buildings of all sizes. We reach difficult areas for cleaning and maintenance without the use of heavy equipment as much as possible, although we do employ those methods when necessary. We have over a decade of experience and are highly qualified through IRATA/ARAA, offering you a professional work ethic that speaks to our high level of customer service.

Using ropes and a unique rigging system allows us to access difficult areas, allowing you the freedom to have your sign displayed your way. We work closely with you to develop a rigging system to get your sign into place quickly. Without the need to rent expensive equipment, we save you money on your installation or removal. Contact us for a consultation on how we can help you get your sign into place for the world to see.