Wind Turbine Servicing

One Company Can Handle All of Your Wind Turbine Servicing Needs

Wind power creates clean electricity for millions of people every day and complete wind turbine servicing ensures uninterrupted power. G&S Abseiling offers full services of your wind turbines to maintain function and safety. Our thorough inspections and maintenance service will detect problems before they stop your blades from turning, and we provide quality repairs in areas difficult to reach.

What Sets G&S Abseiling Apart Regarding Wind Turbine Maintenance

Our full complement of services offers you one company that can handle all of your maintenance and installation assistance needs. We offer quick responses to your requests and provide professional service.

  • We are market leaders in providing rope access services across a range of industries. Our experience and innovative nature provide unique solutions that produce efficient results.
  • We put safety first at all times to ensure workers and bystanders are safe and to eliminate damage to property. We are continually training to ensure every job is performed safely.
  • Our reliability is second to none. We are committed to our customers and are there when we say we will be to provide efficient services at a reasonable cost.

We are passionate about keeping your wind turbine working properly and safely, to produce clean energy for use throughout Australia.

What You Can Expect from G&S Abseiling Regarding our Wind Turbine Maintenance Service

You can expect full service of your wind turbines from our experienced team, including ground support, lifting and rigging services, as well as helicopter assistance in difficult areas. Our innovative solutions will amaze you.

  • Our tower inspection includes internal and external Annual Height Safety System Inspection and Load Testing. This includes inspecting anchor points, ladders and static lines.
  • We inspect the blades, nacelle and steel structure, and perform blade repairs. We perform painting and coating services including corrosion control of the steel structure.
  • We provide rigging and lifting for new installations or maintenance and provide rescue and access support for generator technicians and other personnel.

Why Trust G&S Abseiling Apart Regarding Wind Turbine Servicing

Our dedicated team undergoes continuing training for safety. We are highly qualified through IRATA/RAAA and uphold all WHS requirements, so you are assured a professional team will respond to your needs. Our unique rigging system allows us to access areas that are usually only accessible by crane. We are available for regular inspections of your wind turbines and will perform any maintenance or repairs to your satisfaction.

Keep your wind turbines generating green energy, reducing the load on other electricity sources with higher carbon emissions. Regular maintenance ensures that your wind turbines function efficiently and consistently. Our experienced team is always ready to assist you with any wind turbine needs, including installation assistance to help grow your wind farm for more power generation. Give us a call or send us an email for more information on our wind turbine services; you will receive a prompt response from our team experienced in the art of abseiling.